Building API products, quick and dirty.

It seemed intimidating but was surprisingly easy!

Last updated on Aug 22, '18

New Flask Project on Gcloud

  • In GoDaddy, go to the DNS Management page
  • Add an ANAME entry with host as the subdomain name and pointing to the compute instance IP

  • Login to your instance using `gcloud compute ssh
  • Go to the nginx sites config file: add the server_name entry into the file
  • Restart nginx
  • The site will be available on the subdomain.domain.ext URL
  • Use certbot: sudo certbot --nginx with redirect option to add https to your website
  • Create a .git folder with a post-recieve hook in the /home/git folder
  • Make sure all the required folders are owned by the user who’ll make the push
  • sudo chown -R user:user and ls -l are helpful commands