The Alchemy of Grief

Posted on Sep 10, '22

Life and loss go hand-in-hand. Everyone is going through something. And everyone has a story.

This September, in an alternate timeline, I would have had a two-year old toddler. Something I live with on most days - some days and places, more than others.

And today, I read one of the most beautiful and accurate descriptions of loss - inside and outside -

Grieving is a solitary, often lonely process. Faced with feeling your own existence in stark comparitive absence of another, you are forced to face and discover yourself.

And grief is enduring. It lingers. Probably why talking about grief is hard, awkward. There is no right thing to say. No schedule for appropriate.

Because no, it will not get better. Life will not be the same. History will not change.

First, it will feel like you’ll explode Then you’ll run, avoid it - numb it down anyway possible. Then you’ll allow yourself to feel it - all of it, with the finality Then, you’ll learn to channel it.

And then, you’ll live again.

The loss will change you, as it is supposed to. But you’ll survive. And do the best you can.

Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not.