Notes on the books from my learning list.

Jan 06, '24

Writing is an act of ego. You might as well admit it. Use its energy to keep it going.

Dec 07, '23

From the makers of TailwindCSS, this is only design guide a developer will ever need.

Dec 05, '23
status work-in-progress

We see patterns. But reality is really all systems.

Oct 19, '23

Humans are born intelligent. Education ruins us.

Oct 05, '23
status work-in-progress

Foundational resource for understanding and building large scale systems.

Apr 08, '23

This book helped me build product perspective like no other. A complete playbook of techniques and actionables.

Apr 08, '23

Notes from the mind of a *really old* strategist.

May 16, '19
google leadership mindset

My take-aways from this wonderful insight into the culture of Google