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I speak about building cloud native data applications. If you'd like me to speak at your event, drop me a mail at

Here's my profile on Sessionize.

Dec 07, '21 | Practical Blockchain, Singapore

We cover basics of blockchains, Ethereum and code and deploy our first smart contract (a decentralized lottery app!) using the Remix IDE   

Apr 03, '21 | GDG Singapore

Transitioning into the tech industry   

Sep 08, '20 | Coding Girls, Singapore


Aug 18, '20 | ReactSG, Singapore

Strategies to make your React components faster   

Aug 01, '20 | TechLadies, Singapore

Workshop by Fara Blanco, Thomas Chia & Akshata Mohanty   

Jul 31, '20 | Teens In AI Accelerator, London (virtual)

Exploring accessible AI by building a voice-app   

Jun 17, '20 | TalkJS, Singapore

Case Study describing the optimization process of a real-life a chat feature   

May 18, '19 | JuniorDevSG, Singapore

Learn to deploy an AI app without a server