My experiments with tech, travel and truth

Jan 01, '24

There's more to the world than English, and software construction often has to account for that. This article outlines the ECMAScript Internationalization API, which provides a number of useful functions for easy internationalization.

Apr 12, '23
javascript performance

In computing, flooring a number is a common operation. Pretty mundane, but the perks of working with big data is that mundane things get exciting. Big Data breaks language limits.

Jul 20, '21
blockchain-and-web3 remix smart-contracts

So, you've heard of smart contracts. And now you want to see one in action. This tutorial gets up and running in under 60-minutes

May 20, '21
code documentation

Writing documentation is not fun. But it **is** important. How do you write documentation that survives the test of time?

Sep 23, '20
cloud computing GCE

What is the Google Cloud Associate Engineer exam and how to ace it?

Aug 22, '18

Use Jupyter Notebooks to directly launch your findings as an interactive website.

Aug 08, '18

This tutorials goes through creating PDFs from Gitbook.

Jun 06, '18
programming cs-basics

Slightly less uncommon for coding interviews, Dynamic Programming questions are still a favourite. This approach is an optimization over recursion. Developed in the 1950s, in my opinion, it tests developers' ability to break down a problem into its smallest, most fundamental piece. In this article, we learn about Dynamic Programming by digging deeper into the "coin-change" problem with dynamic programming.

Apr 30, '18

Performance leaks in the Chrome Browser are common and hard to detect. This is simple first-level diagnostic to track down memory leaks and problems.

Apr 25, '18
web-and-performance angularjs

Getting started with Angular Animations by building a simple component